Our Shih Tzu Females
These are our precious breeding females~they are not for sale......

"Penelope"~is red & white and is a daughter of Paisley. She has a darling smooshy face and is a vibrant red and white parti! She is also a tomboy at heart and loves to collect sticks, and play in the water!
Lily will be a new mama for us in 2019..she is the daughter of Dolly & Lambchop...she is the most beautiful girl and has the SWEET & SASSY face we have always loved.
"CoCo" is an upcoming mama~right now she is just a puppy but a darling chocolate SUPER SNUGGLY sweetheart...her future babies will be SWEET

"Bellini"~creamy white snuggly sweetheart~she is a good player with her doggie friends and sleeps by her human mama every night.
"Jasmine" is a little red beauty who will be a future mama~she has a babydoll face and color to die for...her personality is even better!
"Sophie" will be an upcoming mama when she grows up. She is a white with cream markings, and has a sweet snuggly personality. Sophie has some of our very favorite original dogs in her pedigree including MacKenzie, Muppet, Bellagio, Pipsqueak, Ashton, and Dolly!

"Sabrina" is a sweet black female who will be a future mama. She is the daughter of Aliyah and Flicker, and grand daughter of Brooke and Broadway..
"Taffy" is an upcoming mama~she is gold and white, daughter of Gracie and Montana
"Shiloh" is an upcoming mama~she is gold with a black mask~she is the daughter of Gracie and Montana

"Harper" is a future mama...she is brindle and has shades of red, silver, gold, cream, and black. She is a daughter of Jasmine and Flicker

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