Our Shih Tzu Females
These are our precious breeding females~they are not for sale......

"Penelope"~is red & white and is a daughter of Paisley. She has a darling smooshy face and is a vibrant red and white parti! She is also a tomboy at heart and loves to collect sticks, and play in the water!
Sweet Lily...she is the daughter of Dolly & Lambchop...she is the most beautiful girl and is so playful and smart!
"Jasmine" is our little red QUEEN...She has a babydoll face and color to die for...her personality is even better! Everyone who visits falls in love, and wants to take her home! She is very special...
"Sabrina" is a sweet black little girl.. She is the daughter of Aliyah and Flicker, and grand daughter of Brooke and Broadway..Sabrina is very playful and such a good girl! She has her daddy Flickers thick coat and such a beautiful face!

"Taffy" is a gold and white daughter of Gracie and Montana..she has huge pretty eyes and is outgoing and playful. She also loves to sleep in her human mama's bed, on her own pillow. I'm pretty sure she thinks she's a human too! She is also one of the BEST mommy dogs I have ever had!
"Harper" is brindle and has shades of red, silver, gold, cream, and black. She is a daughter of Jasmine and Flicker. Harper is a VERY outgoing little girl, extremely SMART, and has already shown herself to be a wonderful mommy!
"Sophie" is a small standard white sweetheart..she has many of our past dogs in her pedigree including MacKenzie, Muppet, Pipsqueak, Bellagio, Dolly, and Ashton! She is a very special mixture for us and we love her.
"Penny" is an upcoming mama-she has a nice champion pedigree, gorgeous coat and markings, and is very OUTGOING and happy!!

"Ginger" is a gorgeous show marked red and white future mama who will be a standard size! She has a nice champion pedigree and a red headed personality. Can't wait for her stunning babies in 2021!

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