Shih Tzu Studs
These are our busy boys~The males in the shih tzu breed have the most endearing and loving personality! I always tend to have a lot of boys because they are my FAVORITE!

***I do not provide/offer stud service to outside females***

"Bruno" is a proven awesome stud now! He is super smart and playful and his babies are beautiful and have the sweetest personalities! He carries black, red, and parti colors.
"Malachi" is our tiny red and white boy...he is incredibly smart and such a "good boy"...bubbly, bouncy, and obedient.
Graham is a tiny stud and barely weighs 4lb..his parents are CoCo and Montana...he is as sweet as he looks...we call him our little "Graham Crackers"...
"Oliver" is a darling chocolate and white future stud..we can't wait to see his furbaby kids in 2020!

"Stetson" is one of our new studs in training! He is absolutely gorgeous and will be small, and will produce little white babydolls for us! Make your own website