Shih Tzu Studs
These are our busy boys~The males in the shih tzu breed have the most endearing and loving personality!

***I do not provide/offer stud service to outside females***

"Flicker" is a darling petite chocolate & white boy who is our outgoing little CLOWN! His nickname is "Flicker the Licker"...guess why? Flicker weighs 6.5lb
"Ashton"~our tiny white stud~He is sweet, intelligent, and snuggly. Ashton weighs 5.5lb~he is mommy's little "prince" and is a sweet, obedient, quiet little boy
"Montana" is a darling solid red/gold boy with a face that is out of this world, and a personality that is even better-

Yuki is a creamy white future daddy~he has chocolate/liver pigment and a fantastic coat & personality...!!
"Malachi" is a red and white TINY future stud! He will produce happy wiggly red and white imperial babies! We are so excited to have him..
"Cooper"is a creamy white boy who is an upcoming stud..he is a sweet boy and his puppies should have very nice personalities! Make your own website