Shih Tzu Studs
These are our busy boys~The males in the shih tzu breed have the most endearing and loving personality!

***I do not provide/offer stud service to outside females***

"Ashton"~our tiny white stud~He is sweet, intelligent, and snuggly. Ashton weighs 5.5lb~he is mommy's little "prince" and is a sweet, obedient, quiet little boy
"Montana" is a darling solid red/gold boy with a face that is out of this world, and a personality that is even better-Montana has produced simply gorgeous puppies, and such great personalities!
Yuki is a creamy white petite stud~he has chocolate/liver pigment. Yuki has a very endearing and sweet personality, I am in love with him!

"Malachi" is a red and white TINY future stud! He will produce happy wiggly red and white imperial babies! We are so excited to have him.. He is my shadow and so SMART...I should have named him Einstein
"Prince Harry" is a future stud..Harry is a tiny boy and is brindle & red/gold in color..he is a sweet and quiet boy, who LOVES to be held and snuggled! He is the son of Jasmine and Flicker, and a full brother to our girl Harper. Make your own website