Shih Tzu Studs
These are our busy boys~The males in the shih tzu breed have the most endearing and loving personality!

***I do not provide/offer stud service to outside females***

"Montana" is a darling solid red/gold boy with a face that is out of this world, and a personality that is even better-Montana has produced simply gorgeous puppies, and such great personalities!
"Bruno" is an upcoming daddy! He is a beautiful black with silver & gold highlights..super smart and playful! He should make gorgeous tiny babies in the colors of black and red!
"Prince Harry" is a future stud..Harry is a tiny boy and is brindle & red/gold in color..he is a sweet and quiet boy, who LOVES to be held and snuggled! He is the son of Jasmine and Flicker, and a full brother to our girl Harper.
"Malachi" is our tiny red and white boy...he is incredibly smart and such a "good boy"...bubbly, bouncy, and obedient.

"Brownie"~our funny little chocolate boy. He has such a playful boyish personality. He loves toys, but even more than that he loves to steal and hide your shoes! He has perfect body structure and is a small standard size.
"Oliver" is a darling chocolate and white future stud..we can't wait to see his furbaby kids in 2020! Make your own website