I am very particular about my shih tzus. I grew up with the breed so I had specific traits in mind when I decided it was time for a new puppy. Lisa’s breeding dogs are what first attracted me to Puppies on the Prairie. They all look happy, healthy, and friendly! There were two expected litters when I first contacted Lisa about buying a puppy. I told her exactly what I was looking for (sex, coloring, eyes, etc.) and Lisa responded by sending me pictures of the previous litters from the expecting mothers. This was incredibly helpful and no other breeders had ever offered to do so! I immediately asked to be put on the waiting list. Over the next few weeks before the puppies arrived I emailed and called Lisa almost daily and she patiently answered all of my questions.

The day finally arrived after much anticipation and Lisa emailed me pictures of the new litters. That’s when I fell in love with Sawyer. Over the next 8 weeks I was in constant contact with Lisa. Many times during our phone calls Lisa would be holding Sawyer and it was obvious I had her full attention as we spoke about my puppy. Every two weeks I received updated pictures and an email about how the puppies were doing. Lisa’s family is just as kind as she is. Sawyer needed to make her way from the far east side of South Dakota to the west side of Montana and Lisa’s sister, Brenda, brought her back to the west side of South Dakota to cut out driving time for my family. Lisa’s niece played with Sawyer and took care of her along the way.

Sawyer is everything I imagined and then some. She is sweet, playful, loving, and enjoys meeting new people and dogs. When I got her, she already knew her name and allowed me to hold her on her back and brush her teeth and coat without fighting me. It was obvious she had been very well socialized during her stay with Lisa. Lisa’s love for her puppies does not stop when they move into their forever homes. She loves getting updates and pictures and is always interested in their well-being. We have been so impressed with Lisa’s breeding program that my mom is waiting for a puppy from her as well. As long as Lisa is still breeding puppies, I will never buy a shih tzu from anywhere else!

Siri~from Montana

Jill- North Dakota

My husband and I had heard about Puppies on the Prairie from a friend who had a beautiful Shih-tzu named Kona from Lisa. We decided to travel to Hayti and visit ourselves. The moment we got out of the car and were greeted by a HERD of happy bounding Shih-Tzu...our minds were made up, this would be where our babies would come from.

Lisa has a love and dedication to her fur babies that brings tears to your eyes, this is how all dogs should be raised, loved and nurtured.

I did not really understand what a difference in personality a home raised puppy could make....our babies were never startled by normal home noises and immediately became prince and princess of our homes and our lives.

They are exceptionally healthy, and Lisa ALWAYS has time to give me a very fast response to the many e-mails and questions I throw at her sometimes daily!

My only regret is that I had to stop at two babies (for now).
It will never be a question that when we add to our family, that Puppies on the Prairie and Lisa, will be the only place we would consider.

If I had a way to make this any more glowing I would do so!

Jim, Jill, Meko and Tanuki Bisson

Amanda~South Dakota

May 2016~
Hi Lisa!!

I hope you are great! I thought we would let you know that Sullivan took his TDI (Therapy Dogs International) tests and passed!! He was the youngest pup that passed seeing as he had just turned one in January and passed his test in March! We have been making visits to libraries and hospitals so far and hope to start making more visits as my schedule gets more flexible in the summer. People ask how old he is and when we tell them he turned one in January they are so very surprised with his calm demeanor. We couldn’t have asked for a better dog - he has such a mild temperament and is SO patient and loving. He loves snuggling and being close to people. He has already brightened our lives but now we have the precious gift of providing emotional support in the form of Sulley being a therapy dog. Sulley does have fun and gets a little crazy with our other dog, Cooper and of course his sister, Ellie. But he does know when people need to just have some snuggles!! We are so blessed that we found you and found Sulley!! Thank you!!


Rita-Sioux Falls, SD ~2021

Lisa, thank you for the wonderful start in life that you gave our puppy, Oreo. The socialization, puppy pad training, and perfect breeding has given us a smart and loving puppy. He interacts well with others, learns new tricks and commands fast, usually obeys (after all he is still a baby), and has never gotten us up at night.

He has learned the commands come, kennel up, sit, down, fetch and is working on several additional commands. His big achievement is that he goes potty on command. He has been doing it for about a week. We are so proud of him.

His “leave it” is classic (human) developmental psychology textbook. He knows what he is suppose to do, but does not have the self-control to stop. He really wants to eat Tango’s dog food. We will continue to patiently work with him.

Also, he learned to wear his collar and halter. He still doesn’t like his leach but it is improving daily. When the weather warms, I want to safely take him outside.

He immediately liked my husband’s 70 pound service dog. It is so funny to watch them play together. Tango is very good about not stepping on him.

Oreo’s 34.25” square puppy play pen has his kennel in it. This morning he decided he wanted his kennel bed outside his playpen. After successfully removing the kennel bed from the playpen, he is now napping in it.

Tomorrow Oreo has been living in our home for 1 month. We really enjoy have him as part of our family.

Rob & Ruth-Minnesota

We bought a Shih Tzu from someone several years ago. He was a great dog but, always growled when you picked him up. We had to put him down this past spring after 15 years. We debated about getting another dog because our kids were all out of the house and we would have more time to do the things we wanted to do. After only a month we decided we needed to get another Shih Tzu. We went to the internet and did extensive searching. We called and emailed several breeders. We emailed and spoke with Lisa several times and felt she was the most helpful of anyone we contacted. We then decided it would be best to drive the 4 hours and visit Puppies on the Prairie to see how the dogs were raised and taken care of. We were impressed right away. A few of the dogs came out to greet us when we stopped. We then went inside and saw several additional Shih Tzu's. No dogs were barking and any of the dogs we picked up were relaxed and very well behaved. Lisa works with the dogs very early to get them used to being handled by children and adults. We brought Scooby home on July 28th 2013. He has been such a joy to our family. Ruth takes him to the nursing home where her mother is a resident, and everyone loves him. He is gentle with the residents and loves to play with anyone that is willing. If we ever decide to get another Shih Tzu it will be from Lisa. She is fully dedicated to her dogs and you can tell it by their temperament.

Rob & Ruth

Jill W-Minnesota

I had my “soulmate for over 16 years and after Chickie passed away I never thought I’d ever find another Shih Tzu that I ADORED so much❤️ Well that changed when I found PUPPIES ON THE PRAIRIE. Lisa is so honest and wonderful and I am blessed everyday with my beautiful Juliette. I wouldn’t ever look anywhere else - she is a doll, best temperament and absolutely adorable🐾I’m very lucky to have found her

Glenn & Vivian---North Dakota & Minnesota

We first found out about Lisa and "Puppies On The Prairie" by doing a web search back in 2004. A couple months later we went down to S.D. and picked up our first little Shih Tzu "Bandit". He was a great traveler right from day one and didn't fuss a bit on the 3 hour ride home. Lisa had him potty trained so he was used to using the blue potty training pads. Our girls already had an Australian Shepherd "Cuki", and they soon became best buddies. Being a good little traveler, Bandit has gone on all our vacation trips including a houseboat vacation in northern Minnesota, where we discovered that Bandit loves to go in the lake, which I guess is quite unusual for ShihTzu's.
A couple years later we decided that Bandit needed a playmate more his size and decided to get another Shih Tzu from Lisa. We decided to get "Meeko", Bandit's half-brother. Meeko is almost twice as big as our tiny Bandit and has a personality 100% opposite of Bandit's. When we first got Meeko home Bandit wouldn't have a thing to do with him. In fact he went downstairs and spent 3 days with our twins and their dog Cuki. Eventually I guess he figured out that Meeko was there to stay and started to warm up to him. Meeko was and still is a ball of fire and I think Bandit got a little tired of being pestered by Meeko day and night. Now they still rough house a little with each other, but are soon laying side by side giving each other kisses or taking a nap. They are the most loving little guys a person could have and travel with us all the time without any problems. We're really happy we decided to add them to our family.
We have been in contact with Lisa quite often since we first got Bandit and then Meeko, and she has always answered any questions we have had right away. We would surely recommend "Puppies On The Prairie" if you are looking for a furry addition to your family. We send in photos of Bandit and Meeko and Lisa always puts them on her website. She's the Best!!!!
Glenn, Vivian, Bandit & Meeko

Tom & Nancy-MN-2021

Hi Lisa,
Its been a while since we shared a picture of our little princess so I made up the attached from her recent 13th birthday celebration.

Tiffani has been such a wonderful addition to our family. She pretty much rules the house – makes everyone that comes in acknowledge her…so she can turn her nose up at them when they try to pet her/snubbing them as she walks away…until they speak, and then it starts all over again.

She has run of our house if we do happen to run errands without her, but mostly, she comes with. We both work from home (even preCOVID) so she is used to having us around. Great thing is that she is completely indoor trained – never “goes” outside. She has 2 bathrooms (UGODOG trays) – main level and upstairs off of our master bathroom, so she can go whenever she wants. Very good about telling us so we can pick up after her. We live in a rural area, with coyotes, so its great not having to let her outside and worry.

She does love hanging out with us when we are out on the deck or front stoop – unless of course the occasional Green Heron visits our pond and calls out – don’t know what it is but Tiffani does not like that sound and has to immediately go in.

She is our baby (which is the “name” we use most often), a little goofball, an adorable snuggler (when it is her choice of course), and we sometimes refer to her as our kitty cat as she has many similarities to a kitty – even being the most finicky eater you’ve ever seen (I say this 100% confidence!).

Tiffani has had no health issues – except recently her anal glands don’t express correctly so we take her up the road to the vet each month. Her vet says she looks great, especially for her age, her teeth are good (we do brush them each night), and she should be with us for quite some time.

I am so glad I was browsing the internet that day 13 years ago and the little “dainty princess” caught my eye. It was meant for her to be part of our family and thank you so much for bringing her to us in Minnesota March 2008.

Hope all is well with you and your family.

Nancy and Tom W. Make your own website