Photo Gallery
On this page I am sharing some of my fun photos of family, both human and doggie, in our every day of the most charming aspects of living in "God's Country" is the change of seasons and weather...and enjoying family and doggies no matter what the season!

Welcome to Puppies on the Prairie Shih Tzu!
Blizzard on the prairie...the flag always waves here..
Me and my girl "Buffy" when she was a baby

Mr Peacock~he's such a pretty boy
My grand daughters~the TWINKIES...on their 3rd Birthday
4th of July party...giant waterslide was a hit..

My smart little grand son~Brady
Katrina & Brady JR
What winter can look like in SD!

typical morning and evening visitors to our yard...we have a mama deer that has twins about every other year, very sweet to watch them grow up
My identical twin grand daughters-at age 5
My Dad sitting out enjoying some peace and furry time

Dad mowing with his favorite little girl "Jasmine"~he only takes her up on his lap when he is stopped, so she is never in danger..
Where my shih Tzu babies are raised and my favorite place to be, HOME...
Time out!

3 1/2 years old going on 21...oh boy
My chickens like to do close up selfies!
FiFi is my vintage FIAT...she is my little fun car that I use just in the summer time.

Katrina and Brady's big snowman, winter 2014
New animal addition 2017~CHICKENS...fresh eggs will be so good! And they have a pretty fancy chicken house to live in
My darling grand-daughter Katrina~she is my mother hen and puppy helper. She has been helping with puppies since she was old enough to hold one, and she is a pro!

My niece Ivy and my grand twins...
Aurora & Tom
This is where my shih tzus play and go potty...they have a huge fenced yard and they love it...

4th of July party at the farm
Puppy Sandwich~baby Emma between Annie & Paisley taking a nap
Sunset Christmas Eve 2017-it was storming

Mr Peacock, white male~he struts around the yard like a white angel Make your own website