And yet more precious past babies!
So many people are experiencing the joys of being owned by one of our puppies! We had to have Jazz music on this page for "Princess Pabu", who loves Jazz and listens to her daddy play the trumpet.....

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"Pabu" lives in AZ~she is a red-headed firecracker :)
Kolbi lives in Brookings, SD~the little dolly loves to go for car rides....
"Savanna Joy" lives in CA!

"Wo-ke" lives in SD with Dr & Mrs. Bandettini. He is a great therapy dog in their office!
Keira is a beautiful black female and lives in ND, she is the daughter of Brooke
"Baxter"~Pekingese~lives in Texas with his friend Yuki..

Spencer & Chloe live in MN!
"Maddy" (left) lives with Marci & Steve and her doggie friends in Arizona
Maggie Mae lives in Iowa with Steve & Pam

Lucy lives in St Cloud, MN and is spoiled by Tucker......
Tiffani lives in MN!
"Lexi" lives with Dawn in NY!

"BoBo" and "Bobbi" live in NY with Liz!
"Chanel" lives with Angela in Utah!
"Donnor" and "Blitzen" live with Dustin in NY. We feel so blessed that our puppies could play such a special role in Dustin's life, and that they are his therapeutic companions!

Dakota lives in Denver.....
Dasher lives with Christin, Dave, Ashley, Madison, Alexander and Ethan in NY!
Molokai Jo "Mojo" lives with Julia and Jeanie in SD!

"Opie" lives in northern MN with Kathleen!
Mia lives in ND with Deb
Emee lives in Apple Valley, MN. Look at that happy smile!

"Dakota" lives in California
"Reese" is a football fan in ND!
"Annie" lives in Detroit Lakes, MN!! Make your own website