More sweet past puppies!
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"Jaden" lives in Scottsdale, AZ!
The new streeet gang in Scottsdaleā€!! I've been told they are stealing hearts and licking people to death.....
Kodi and Kaleigh live in North Carolina with Brenda....

"America" lives in Florida
Pagli lives with Sally in Colorado...
Riley lives in MN....

"Molly" lives in Grand Rapids, MN with the LaValle's.....
"Jasper" is a snow bunny in Denver....he is a perfect example of Bridgette/Broadways puppies, what a dolly
Madeline lives in Kansas

Toby & Tippy live in SD!
Greta lives in ND with her other "Treasured" sisters, Gracie, Jillie, and Keira
Jada and SuKi live in Grand Forks, ND with Russ & Linda

Darling "Bentley" waited patiently for the wedding ceremony to be over, and then ran up to his mommy, my beautiful sister in law Nicole...Bentley lives with my brother and wife in Watertown SD
"Scooby"~at his human siblings wedding...adorable~Scooby lives in MN with Rob and Ruth
Maddie & Max live in NJ with Marco & Stacy~congratulations on your wedding!

Brynlee & Parker live in WY!
Tucker lives with the Benson family in SD!
Bella lives in Texas!

Baxter lives in Texas!
Kassie lives in Kansas!
"Kona" lives in Texas!

Sadie Grace lives in Pierre, SD
"Dax" & "Sawyer" live with Siri in Montana!
"Seuss" lives in MN with Barb! Make your own website